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in Aarhus in APRIL/MAY 2016

House Concert w. Ida Wenøe - Aarhus (8000)

SPOT  : After a difficult break-up with the successful trio Boho Dancer, Wenøe is safely back on her feet. Bands of Tomorrow called the single “Time of Ghosts’’, which preceded an album with the same title, ‘’a milestone in Ida Wenøe’s career’’. With a voice reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny and Jacqui McShee and a multi-faceted sound, she is close to the otherwise inaccessible English market.

Your host: Lene Elsner has a joyful and an aesthetic approach to life. Lene is looking forward to invite music lovers into her living room as she likes making  new connections to art among others as communications director at HEART and co-founder of Art Biennial Socle du Monde. Ticket Price 15USD/ 100 DKK (No sales at the door)

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House Concert w.  KELVIN - Aarhus (8000)

SPOT: In the midst of the ice cold electronic sound and the warm organic sound you find KELVIN’s evocative music – intense melodies with massive soundscapes, which take root in heart, body, and soul. Kelvin originate from the music scene in Kristiansand, and with their two singles “Strobelights” and “Lights are Low” the Norwegian band move effortlessly between gloomy and danceable electro pop/rock.

Your host(s): Mie Lyndgaard Nielsen and her house mates are looking forward to invite the travelling Norwegian band KELVIN and interested guests into their living room in a very unique house aka 'kollektiv' in downtown Aarhus. TICKET PRICE 15 USD/ 100 DKK (No sales at the door)

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House Concert w. Select Captain - Aarhus (8200)

Off-SPOT: Select Captain is the alter-ego for singer, songwriter and guitarist Kristian Gaarskjær. With a fondness for the 50’ies beat-poets and the American songwriting tradition, The Captain takes the listener on a roadtrip through a catchy, yet fragile musical universe. With an emphasis on melody and songwriting in a soundscape of acoustic instruments and ambient reverbs. 

Your host(s): Daniel Fogh and his house mates are looking forward to invite Select Captain and interested guests into their living room for musical Sunday treatment in their house Aarhus N - What a better way to end the SPOT Festival 2016! NO TICKET REQUIRED - PASS THE HAT CONCERT ( pay what you want)


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