FAQ for MUSICIANS at Low-fi

What is Low-Fi?

Low-Fi is peer-to-peer marketplace for DIY house concerts arranged by private hosts in private homes all around the world. As musician on Low-Fi other music lovers can discover your music, track your concerts and invite you to perform in their homes.

Is Low-Fi a booker?

Nope! We're not the ones setting up the concerts - Low-Fi is more DYI, with local hosts booking bands and creating concerts. We also have people booking bands for private gigs and you can even create concerts yourselves and sell tickets through the platform. We are working very hard every day to expand the network of hosts and musicians to make this a strong global platform.

Can I get paid Low-Fi gigs?

Yup! We insists that bands get paid. At the very core of what we do is a desire to to create something that is more sustainable for musicians. We will never ask you to play for 'exposure' - sure exposure is nice, but so is paying your rent :-)

How can I become a musician on Low-Fi?

We DON'T have ' this is good or bad music' policy, Low-Fi is platform for all genres, though you will need to play original music. But there is a 'but'... if you play Jazz or Classical there are some other conventions by nature. In order to get verified please send us a few lines about you and your music and please add some links to you music :) We can't wait to discover you!

Why play house concerts?

Because a house concert is NOT just a gig, it's an intimate music experience you share with a very present audience. To be honest, it can be a little frightening to be sooo.. close to your audience, but we promise it's here the magic happens! House concerts are ideal for you to connect in person with your fans, recruit new super fans, test new songs, receive immediate feedback and directly sell your CDs, EPs and merchandise etc.

How can I get booked?

Sharing is caring - and if we do it together we will reach more people! We will do all what we can to put you and your music in the spotlight, but if you also tell the world that you can be booked on Low-Fi e.g. on your Facebook artist page, in your newsletter or scream it out of your window (...not after 8pm ;)) we can together land your first gigs faster! If you want you can also host concerts with yourself in your own home or studio by creating a concert listing, invite the community and sell tickets all through the platform.

What can I earn at Low-Fi?

On your band listing you will need to set your price for a house gig (normally, a gig will be 1-2 hours). The price can be negotiated between you and the host from gig to gig - so set your recommended price. In order to keep improving Low-Fi we take a commission fee on 12% of your booking price, so keep that in mind when you set the price. If you want, you can also play what we call a crowdfunded concert aka a donations based concert where your earnings are 100% based on the guest donations after the concert. In order to receive your booking payments you will need to connect a PayPal Business account to your user profile (it's free!). All transactions on Low-Fi are secured and protected by PayPal's protections guarantee.

How to set my price?

We know this part is tricky. We also know it's not free for you to make music, you pay for gear, studio space, recordings, EPs etc. keep that in mind! Set a price you feel comfortable with. A price that is based on playing a gig for 1-2 hours for a smaller audience in a private home. If you have a lot of gear and need transport to your gigs please include the transport cost in your price, so the host don't get extra costs. Remember you can always negotiate the price, if a gig requires a longer travel or a much more complicated set-up .

Why do I have to create a PayPal Business Account, when I am not a 'business'?

You need to have a Business account at PayPal in order for us to process credit card payments from non-PayPal users. If you don't have a business account, it is easy and free to upgrade your existing account or create a new PayPal Business account. The "Business" part is not as serious as it sounds. If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

What about gear?

If possible, we recommend unplugged gigs. As musician you will bring your own equipment along if you haven't made other agreements with your host. If you are playing in Copenhagen we might be able to help with a PA, if needed.

How can Low-Fi help me with touring?

Right now, the idea is that if you have an anchor/club gig somewhere in Europe you can use Low-Fi to fill in dates around that gig. You tick a box in your listing that let people know that you are available for gigs outside of the UK and maybe also list the dates you are looking to fill. You can also search for hosts in the area you are in and contact them with a link to you listing and the dates you have open. In the long term, we hope to have a whole network of hosts, so that you won't even need club gigs, but can build a tour solely on house concerts. But it will take some serious elbow grease to get there, so be patient with us :-)

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