FAQ for hosts at Low-fi

What is Low-Fi?

Low-Fi is peer-to-peer marketplace for D.I.Y house concerts arranged by private hosts in private homes all around the world. As musician on Low-Fi other music lovers can discover your music, track your concerts and invite you to perform in their homes.

How can I host a Low-Fi concert?

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced house concert fan or want to try for the first time – simply sign-up and get in touch musicians for a house concert, your birthday party or other special occasion where you would like to add live music. As host you have an option to get verified and create a host listing. This way musicians who want to play in your home can reach out to you.

What do I need as a host?

To be honest, not much! As host you only need to make some room for the musician and your guests. We recommend you pull the furniture a bit to the side and make it cozy with sitting pillows on the floor. You will get surprised how far you get with just 20 square meters. Most musicians perform unplugged and bring along all equipment they need. If you need a PA/sound system we might be able to help with that, just let's us know!

Who comes to my concert?

You have 100% control of who you invite to perform in your home and who will be your guests. If you create an concert listing and sell tickets through the Low-Fi platform every interested guest will send you a request. First when you accept their request they can come to your concert. Psst.. an audience of at least 20 guest is ideal.

What is a good schedule for a concert?

There are no rules here, only recommendations from our side! In our experience two sets of 30-40 minutes with a small break is ideal. It's quite an intense experience. We recommend you invite the guests to arrive at least a half hour before the concert start. Everyday is good music day - but especially; Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays seem to have an extra good house concert vibe. Make sure the musicians arrive a bit earlier, so you'll have enough time to get to know each other. 

How can I promote my concert?

You can keep your concert private for friends and promote through your own social channels - or you can get verified and create a concert listing on Low-Fi. All concerts on Low-Fi will be boosted by our skilled marketing team in order help you sell tickets. In order to get verified SEND US A MESSAGE

Can I sell tickets to my concert?

Yup! If you have been verified as host, you can create a concert event with ticket sales through Low-Fi. You decide the ticket price and amount. In order to keep us improving Low-Fi we take a commission fee on 12% of your booking price, so take that into your calculation.

What about my neighbors?

Music and a clapping audience will make some sound, but not more than having a dinner party with good friends (psst.. if the concert starts at 8 pm, it should be over by 10 pm). But of course, the best plan is to simply invite your neighbors to join the concert :)

What about drinks and snacks?

If you want you can provide some snacks and drinks for the concert, but you really don't have to! We recommend you ask your guests to do BYOB = bring your own bottle of your favorite xx. Just let them know in your invitation.

How much does a band cost?

The average price for a band on Low-Fi is $500. Most bands will have transport costs included in this, but if you want a band to travel longer distances or you are asking for a bigger or more complicated setup, you will have to negotiate a price that reflects this. We advise that you do this in the Low-Fi messaging system, so that you have all your conversations in one place.

How can I pay the musicians?

At Low-Fi, there are currently two ways of handling musicians fees. First option is a fixed fee. With this option, you book the musician at a fixed price which is negotiated and paid in advance so that you don't have to worry about money at the concert. You will receive a receipt which functions as a contract. Second option is a crowdfunded concert where the musician's fee is based on the ticket sales. Not all musicians is up for this deal, but you can see it on their band profile. An important rule of thump for crowdfunded concert is that you as host guarantee you can sell at approx 20 tickets of 10-15$ which goes to the musician - to make a fair deal! All transactions on Low-Fi are secured and protected by PayPal's protections guarantee.

Why do I have to create a PayPal Business Account, when I am not a 'business'?

If you want to sell tickets to your concert, you need to have a Business account at PayPal in order for us to process credit card payments from non-PayPal users. If you don't have a business account, it is easy and free to upgrade your existing account or create a new PayPal Business account. The "Business" part is not as serious as it sounds. If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

My payment won't get through?

All payments are secured with PayPal's buyer and seller protections. Hence, if you're paying with a credit card which is linked with a PayPal account, but not verified, some bumps can occur on the payment road. But we are here to help so please let's us know if you have any problems - call us +45 50 80 39 49 or send us message!

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