FAQ for Concert Guests

What is Low-Fi?

Low-Fi is peer-to-peer marketplace for D.I.Y house concerts arranged by private hosts in private homes all around the world. As musician on Low-Fi other music lovers can discover your music, track your concerts and invite you to perform in their homes.

How can I join a concert as guest?

In order to join a concert you will need sign-up to Low-Fi. We recommend that you fill in your profile with an image and a few lines about you. Depending on the concert type you can send a ticket or 'claim seat' request directly to the host. If he or she wants to invite you, they'll accept your request and provide you with the concert details.

Your duties as a guest…

…are essentially to be a good guest and respect your host! Remember you are being invited to a private home. The concert host has invited you on the basis of your common interest in good music and an advance portion of trust that you won't abuse his or her kindness.If you want to bring along someone else, please request the host's permission in advance. By asking for an invitation to the concert, you agree to adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

What to bring along?

The drink concept is to BYOB aka bring your own bottle of xx. So find a good bottle of wine, your favorite beer or some tasty lemonade to enjoy at the concert. Bring cash for merchandise and for donations if the concert is donation based. Our suggested donation is 10-20$ per seat.

After the concert

Sharing is caring - so please give the musician a concert review on their band profile. This will help them getting more gigs. Fell free to share your photos in cyberspace (... stay present so wait to after the concert) and if you want please tag them with @lowficoncerts or #lowficoncerts so we can follow it along :)

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